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Hello all,

As I considered the many things I could speak about, the most consistent item that continues to light the pathway to success at TX RX are its people.  While a lot can be said of the importance of strategic plans, branding and re-branding, etc., all pale in comparison to our TX RX Community.

Community is the word to best describe our team here at TX RX.  Folks have realized that working together we all play a crucial role in our ultimate success or failure in ensuring we exceed customer expectations.  Likewise, we all have a responsibility to each other and our respective families as well.

Knowing how important it is to be with our families outside of work we take time to make sure our team has a good work life balance to start. But we wouldn’t be the organization we are today if it weren’t for the many team members that take extra time to plan activities throughout the year. We have an entire committee dedicated to planning events and they all volunteer their time to do it. Even our Executive staff get in on the fun with holiday themed activities throughout the year too! All of these help our team members get to know each other better and build a sense of community.

It’s been my honor to get to know the TX RX Community, to hear about their lives and families as well as learn about each person’s contribution to the company.  I have met some people that are quite new to the team and some that have been with TX RX their entire career.  It’s my belief that everyone should feel appreciated and know that their individual role is imperative to the success of our company’s goals, and I truly enjoy thanking each person for their contribution.  It is my firm belief that the most valuable asset of any company is the PEOPLE.

Lastly, I want to say I look forward to going to work each day and spending time each morning just touching base with the dedicated TX RX team.  I feel very humbled to be welcomed into the TX RX Community.

Thanks again for reading and I look forward to providing future updates on the Awakening in Angola.


Tim Mattulke

President and CEO

TX RX Systems, Inc.


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