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RF Testing

TX RX Systems offers leading industry solutions for RF testing

RF Testing

TX RX Systems offers leading industry solutions for RF testing. We provide comprehensive testing solutions for various products and settings, including millimeter-wave assemblies and systems that function across multiple frequencies. We also offer customized tests based on the technical details of your project requirements.

TX RX’s advanced and meticulously conducted testing services include:

  • Modulation bandwidth calibration
  • Frequency band selectivity
  • Spectrum emission mask
  • Occupied channel bandwidth
  • Electrical testing across multiple frequencies
  • Receiver testing
  • Spectrum analysis and monitoring
  • Advanced spectrum logging
  • Output power assessments

Our company collaborates with clients across multiple industries, including telecommunications, aerospace and defense, and hardware manufacturing. The specialists at TX RX work closely with you to identify, design, and manufacture premium RF parts that optimize your operational systems.

Why Choose RF Testing With TX RX?

At TX RX, you can expect efficient organization and process control throughout each testing stage. Our company maintains transparent accountability throughout RF testing through WIP tracking, material traceability, and inventory management.

The technological specialists at TX RX prioritize spectrum analysis and monitoring, which enhance RF testing. Our experts will analyze each piece of information in detail to pinpoint all available frequencies and mitigate the risks of frequency interference.

TX RX offers a reliable and steady supply of premium RF-tested products registered with unique serial IDs and received via prompt delivery.

Reach out to the TX RX team to discover the most suitable RF testing methods for optimized product quality that fulfills all risk assessments.

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