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TX RX Systems SOS (Site Optimization Service)

Licensed Interference Mitigation and LMR System Optimization Services

Supporting Public Safety and Enterprise users with the latest Land Mobile Radio (LMR) technology.

Who Are We

At TX RX, we are proud to lead the Land Mobile Radio (LMR) market with the latest Radio Frequency (RF) conditioning products and LMR optimization services.

Our on-site and remote technical support optimizes our products and your entire RF system for enhanced LMR functionality.

Licensed Interference Mitigation Field Services

Radio interference can degrade and reduce the effective area of your LMR communication system.

Interference can come from licensed or unlicensed carriers and even from unknown sources. Interference mitigation for LMR system optimization involves several techniques, including Spectrum Analysis and MonitoringNoise Analysis and Monitoring, and detective work based on the technician’s experience identifying and isolating interference sources.

To optimize your LMR system and reduce interference, you will need an experienced and licensed LMR field technician to identify all possible sources of interference.

Our technicians can additionally work to optimize your hardware to reduce interference. Complete resolution of the issues posed by interference may require negotiating with nearby carriers or contacting local regulation officials.

The Benefits of Licensed Interference Mitigation

  • Optimization of your LMR system
  • Optimization of your RF quality and range
  • Identification of licensed and unlicensed carriers on any channel
  • Identification of both legal and illegal transmitters near your
  • Identification of potential LMR interference sources pre- and post-installation at your site
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