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TX RX Systems Warehousing and Distribution Solutions

Optimize your warehouse and distribution center’s communications network with the latest two-way radio RF technology and conditioning solutions.

Comprehensive RF Solutions for Warehousing and Distribution Centers

Efficiently coordinating warehousing and distribution centers for maximized inflow and outflow means leveraging the latest RF communication technology.

At TX RX, we design and calibrate our all-American engineered products for reduced background noise in loud environments while prioritizing durability and maximized range. Effective wireless RF communication means every part of your organization moves smoothly, while hazards and accidents can be reported immediately for optimized safety on-site.

TX RX’s RF Solutions for Warehousing and Distribution Centers

As RF equipment and hardware manufacturers who also provide comprehensive services and products, we can easily customize our equipment to customer’s needs,  guaranteeing ultimate results in wireless communication. Some of our top RF conditioning services for warehousing and distribution centers include:

Interference Mitigation

Interference mitigation is essential for any warehousing or distribution center, as frequencies from neighboring organizations can compromise the effectiveness of your RF network. TX RX offers a full suite of interference mitigation techniques, where our field technicians identify sources of interference and lessen their impact on your communication capabilities

ASL Signal Level Mapping

Predictions of your RF communication network’s signal quality and range over an area are only approximations. A fully optimized and resilient RF network requires effective signal testing across your entire operation. With our ASL signal level mapping service, you can identify any surprise weak points where signal strength and quality fall below standard.

We pair GPS with our Advanced Spectrum Logging (ASL) system to map different areas of your operation, identifying weak coverage and interference before diagnosing their causes and mitigating their impact.

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