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Leading RF Conditioning Solutions for Schools, Universities, and the Education Industry

Quality LMR and two-way radio systems are essential for security and communications for staff and faculty members, stage productions, sports events, security personnel, and more.

Connect and Coordinate Every Part of Your Institution with RF Conditioning Solutions for Education

At TX RX, we provide educational institutions with a complete range of RF conditioning products and services. We ensure mission-critical RF communication systems run optimally with increased range coverage and quality.

Using LMR and radio communication devices on-site gives educational institutions a reliable, resilient communications network that doesn’t fail when other networks go down. Quicker, reliable communication ensures that every authorized department and individual can coordinate operations without failure.

Take a Look at TX RX’s RF Conditioning Solutions for Education

As OEM manufacturers of RF hardware and equipment, we understand how to maximize the effectiveness of every component comprising an RF communication network. Each of our field technicians knows how to put this knowledge into practice when diagnosing software and hardware issues and assessing a network to identify areas that need improvement.

Some of our top RF conditioning solutions for schools, universities, and more, include interference mitigation field services like:

ASL Signal Level Mapping

With ASL signal level mapping, our field technicians track radio signal quality and range throughout the entire network’s intended area. Instead of relying on predictions of a network’s capabilities, ASL signal level mapping provides accurate testing of the whole signal range to identify unknown areas of weak signal. We then diagnose the cause of the weakness and work with you to improve signal quality across the education institution’s entire range.

RF systems in schools and universities.

Interference Mitigation

Interference from other RF signals can reduce the quality of your RF network, lowering the effectiveness of your RF and LMR hardware and network. Through a comprehensive set of interference tests, our field technicians can identify and mitigate the impacts of interference on your RF system for better quality and range.

TX RX Systems designs systems for eductaion
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