Customization and integration

TX RX products incorporate industrial grade components, accelerated lifetime testing and industry leading functionality and integration.

All of our products are highly customizable, regardless of the customer we serve: OEMs, radio dealers and service shops, integrators or end users.

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RX Sensitivity Improvement Products

TX RX Systems is the Preferred Supplier to major US OEMs for Receive Sensitivity Improvement products such as Tower Top Amplifiers (TTA) and Receive Multicouplers (RMC).

TTAs are installed at the top of the tower, close to the antenna.  They significantly improve coverage by balancing the uplinks and downlinks and eliminating cable losses. RMCs facilitate coupling of multiple receivers to a single antenna, thus eliminating the need for dedicated antennas for each receiver.

Category Description Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet
  • TX RX’s TTAs are high performance, quadrature-coupled low noise amplifiers (LNA) designed to increase the performance of a Base Transceiver Station (BTS) while ensuring reliable communications for critical Public Safety applications.

  • Quality manufactured, integrated filter and circuit boards, ensuring fewer points of failure and lower noise figure from less cables, components and connectors.

  • Powerful Microprocessors continuously monitor amplifiers with auto-switch redundancy to ensure maximum uptime.

  • Ethernet-enabled base deck (AC or DC powered) controls all parameters of the system, with multiple real-time annunciation methods include SNMP, Form C contacts, and visual indicators.

  • Available with a 16 Port Receive Multicoupler Unit, expandable as needed.
434B Mission Critical TTA 435 Mini TTA
Receive Multicoupler Receive Multicoupler
  • TXX RX’s new generation of broadband receiver multicouplers (RMC) provide unequalled performance in a space-saving 1 RU package. All the units are designed for ease of expansion, with no change in system gain in most cases.

  • The high performance LNAs exhibit a very low noise figure while providing extraordinary 3rd order output intercept point, minimizing the possibility of performance degradation due to interference.

  • Three basic models cover the most popular applications from 135-902 MHz.

  • Combline preselectors are available for all common applications in the 700/800/900 MHz bands.
VHF RMC UHF RMC 700/800/900 MHz RMC
Integrated Receive Multicoupler Integrated Receive Multicoupler
  • TX RX’s integrated receiver multicouplers combine filtering, amplification, and signal splitting into one compact, simple unit.

  • The system includes redundant low noise amplifiers, 12V DC backup connections, a pre-tuned, high selectivity bandpass preselector, a -30dB test port, and control and monitoring of gain via the front panel, Ethernet, and SNMP v2C interfaces.

  • Ideal for predictable systems that don’t require much customization or for systems that require remote control and monitoring.

  • Single band and dual band RMC versions are available
UHF Single or Dual Band UHF Federal Band

TX Combining Systems

TX RX's combining systems consist of a broad offering in the VHF, UHF 700/800 MHz and 900 MHz frequency bands. Tx combining systems allow multiple transmitters to share the same antenna, thus maximizing tower utilization, reducing tower loading, and reducing interference risk.

TX RX is widely recognized for its technical expertise in providing highly customized Configure-To-Order system designs that overcome issues associated with challenging frequency plans.

Category Description Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet
T-Pass Cavity Combiners T-Pass Cavity Combiners
  • In-depth intermodulation studies as well as Transmitter Noise and Receiver Desense calculations are conducted to design the system with the required isolation characteristics for the specific application and its unique environment.

  • Broadband architecture of the T-Pass® circuit and coaxial cavities mitigates equipment obsolescence and facilitates ease of future system reconfiguration or expansion.

  • Each system is configured for optimum performance, ideal for applications with minimal guard band between transmit and receive frequencies.
VHF T-pass Combiners UHF T-pass Combiners 800 MHz T-pass Combiners
Star-junction Combiners Star-junction Combiners
  • High performance specifications with narrow adjacent channel spacing and low insertion loss.

  • 8" Round Cavity with 19” rack mount configuration for space efficiency.

  • Same length interconnect for ease of retuning and expansion in the field.

  • As shown is a special configuration for Air traffic control system. Please consult factory for other custom applications.
VHF Star Junction Combiners UHF Star Junction Combiners
Integrated Compact Cavity Combiners Integrated Compact Cavity Combiners
  • TX RX provides a line of compact combiners that feature integrated antenna power monitors.

  • Each combiner has a base configuration of 4 channels with options for expansion.

  • The Ethernet/SNMP/SYSLOG enabled monitor provides information on forward power, reflected power, antenna VSWR, and heat sink temperature while also allowing for easy factory or field tuning using only the base station radio and a PC.
UHF Combiner with Power Monitor Ceramic Combiner with Power Monitor
Control Station Combiners Control Station Combiners
  • Control Station Combiners may be used to reduce the number of antennas required on a communications site while also ensuring that predictable radio-to-radio isolation is maintained at all times - irrespective of individual radio’s Tx or Rx operating mode or antenna isolation characteristics.

  • These multi-channel combiners provide frequency-agile operation across their entire frequency range.

  • Models will support frequencies from 100 MHz to 1000MHz and are available in 4 channel increments from 4-32 channels.

  • Models available with N connectors or 4.3-10 connectors
Short Haul CSC 700-800 MHz CSC CSC Duplexer

Filter Products

Filters can be used individually or cascaded together to minimize noise and interference. The RF filters listed below may be cascaded to achieve a greater amount of total filter attentuation than the arithmetic sum of individual filters.  Up to 6 dB of additional attenuation is possible through the use of interconnect cables whose lengths need to be precisely calculated based on the frequencies involved.

Category Description Datasheet Datasheet
Narrowband filters Narrowband filters
  • The Bandpass filter passes one narrow band of frequencies and attenuates all others with increasing attenuation above and below the pass frequency.

  • The Vari-Notch® filter passes a relatively narrow band of frequencies and rejects (notches out) a relatively wide frequency band.

  • The Series-Notch® filter passes a relatively wide band of frequencies while rejecting a very narrow band of frequencies.
Duplexers Duplexers
  • TX RX duplexers provide the transmitter and noise suppression characteristics you need while minimizing the loss to your carriers.

  • In VHF and UHF bands, the Vari-Notch® design is the most commonly used, with a low-loss pseudo-bandpass characteristic that can exist very close to a deep notch.

  • In 700/800/900 MHz bands, where there are large guard bands and multiple frequencies per system, the Bandpass duplexer fills the bill nicely, with the combline filter providing both low loss and space efficiency.

  • TX RX specializes in custom-designed filter configurations to fit each customer’s unique needs. Please contact us if you cannot find an off-the-shelf duplexer that meets all of your requirements.

  • See this guide for common duplexer problems and remedies
VHF Cavity Duplexers UHF Cavity Duplexers
Special Applications Special Applications
  • TX RX has a special portfolio of duplexers and triplexers for Amateur Radio applications.

  • Triplexer for the D-Star radio system combines the voice TX and RX channels onto a single antenna along with the simplex data only channel. This eliminates the need for a separate data channel antenna and feedline.

  • Duplexers in VHF, UHF, and 1.2 GHz bands allows the use of a single 1.2 GHz antenna for the Tx, Rx, and a high-speed Data channels.

  • TX RX also offers cross-band couplers to facilitate the use of a single feedline configuration.
Duplexer Selection Guide
Window filters Window filters
  • Preselectors are primarily used to limit the bandwidth in front of a multiple-receiver system and Post Filters are used to limit the bandwidth after a multiple-transmitter system.

  • In 700/800/900 MHz, compact Combline or Milled filters are often used to provide a bandpass filter window.

  • TX RX specializes in custom-designed filter configurations to fit each customer’s unique needs. Please contact us if you cannot find an off-the-shelf filter that meets all of your requirements.
700-800 MHz Rx Preselector

Base Station Antennas

TX RX offers a series of robust, high-power, broadband, omni-directional antennas, designed to complement our wide bandwidth combining-multicoupling systems.

Category Description Datasheet
Antennas Antennas
  • Through a true corporate feed design, equal in-phase power is distributed to each radiating element. This method insures excellent vertical pattern control and shaping, low loss, and beam-tilt that does not vary over the operating bandwidth of the antenna.

  • This patented design was achieved through the use of a 5-chamber extrusion which acts as the central core of the antenna and provides a low impedance direct ground for lightning protection.

  • The rugged fiberglass radome and its interface to the mounting tube have survived extensive wind-tunnel testing at wind velocities exceeding category 5 hurricane forces. 

  • Antenna data files are available in TIA-IS-804 format for inclusion in popular commercial propagation analysis programs.

  • Popular models cover 380-512 MHz and 746-894 MHz bands.
Omni-directional Antennas
Antenna Accessories Antenna Accessories
  • Antenna Mounting Clamps allow the parallel connection of two similar or dissimilar sized pipes. Typically used to attach stand-off mounts or pipes to tower legs. 

  • Each clamp includes 3/16" thick clamp halves, manufactured from hot-dipped galvanized steel. Either (2) clamps per set or (3) per set depending on the length of the antenna.
Antenna Clamps

RF Components

Our Components product line consists of standard RF components and unique designs for custom applications. We provide rugged and reliable solutions for low- and high-power attenuation, termination, coupling, and power-dividing applications.

Category Description Datasheet Datasheet
Isolators Isolators
  • TX RX Isolators and Circulators are designed to provide the specified isolation under continuous duty at maximum power.

  • Their conservative, rugged design and construction have a record of excellent reliability and high performance established over decades of service in mission critical systems.

  • Our portfolio of isolators and circulators come in single or dual stages, with various sizes of loads, covering VHF (118-250 MHz), UHF (300-530 MHz), and higher freq bands (764-960 MHz).
Directional Couplers Directional Couplers
  • Directional Couplers are for power division and signal distribution applications. The broad array of splits facilitates balanced signal distribution in the most diverse systems.

  • Bi-directional nature of the couplers allows them to be used for two-way communications with minimal loss above the desired coupling value.

  • Multiple load configurations (no load, 5W, or 25W) available for different power requirements.

  • Signal Samplers are non-directional taps for sampling RF signals from a main transmission line, with minimal effect to the power level of the signals on the main line. The sampled port can be connected to a Spectrum Analyzer for analysis and measurement, or connected to a low gain, distribution antenna in Signal Boosters systems to augment communications in buildings and tunnels.
Directional Couplers
Crossband Couplers Crossband Couplers
  • Crossband Couplers enable multiband operation over coaxial transmission lines and broadband antennas, reducing cost and system complexity.

  • Both indoor and outdoor versions available.

  • Options available for transmit or receive operations with DC pass-thru, for tower mount Rx systems.

  • Cascading certain models will allow three frequency bands to use one transmission line.

  • Special model 80-05-14 designed for broadband control station combiner, VHF to 1.3 GHz.
Crossband Couplers Multiband Coupler
Components Components
  • The ferrite used to make circulators is a non-linear material that generates a significant amount of 2nd harmonic power which can contribute to the formation of 3rd order intermodulation products when mixed with other transmitter carriers. For this reason, either a bandpass cavity filter or a harmonic filter must always be installed between the isolator and the antenna. TX RX offers single and dual-section 2nd Harmonic Filters for applications where bandpass cavities are not used.

  • Power dividers are grouped into Hybrid/Wilkenson and Stripline designs. 2-way and 4-way designs are offered in ranges from 10 MHz to 960 MHz. Low power and high power options are available. 
2nd Harmonic Filters Power Dividers

RF Monitoring

TX RX, in cooperation with our sister company Combilent, provides a range of monitors, all facilitating remote supervision of a wide range of critical performance parameters, and all available in VHF, UHF and 700/800/900 MHz bands.

Tx Monitoring explained:

Rx Monitoring explained:

Category Description Datasheet
Composite Tx Power Monitor Composite Tx Power Monitor
  • Functions on one or two channels.
  • Measures the total RMS power of all signals in the system using a dual directional coupler, a switch selecting forward or reflected power and an RMS detector.
  • Ethernet / web-server SNMP enabled / SYSLOG.
  • Picture shows a Composite In-line Tx Monitor with ETH interface, integrated web-server, SNMP and relay alarm output
Composite Power Monitor
Frequency Selective Tx Power Monitor Frequency Selective Tx Power Monitor
  • Frequency selective.
  • Supports up to 10 carriers of 50W each.
  • Passive intermodulation hardened.
  • Compact form factor, 2RU.
  • Ethernet / web-server SNMP / SYSLOG enabled.
  • Measures forward and reflected power, antenna VSWR and temperature.
  • Alarms are user configured via web interface or SNMP.
  • Picture shows a Stand-alone Frequency Selective Power Monitor with ETH interface, integrated web-server, SNMP and relay alarm output.
Frequency Selective Power Monitor
Rx Antenna VSWR Monitor Rx Antenna VSWR Monitor
  • The RX Antenna VSWR Monitor attaches between the RMC and the RX antenna.
  • VSWR of the receiver antenna is monitored periodically, with data accessed through
    Ethernet, web server and SNMP.
  • The RX signal runs through the RX Antenna VSWR Monitor. It has low insertion loss
    and maintains signal integrity.
  • Picture shows an in-line Rx VSWR Antenna Monitor with ETH interface, integrated web-server, SNMP, and relay alarm output
Rx Antenna Monitor