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Advanced RF Conditioning for Telecommunications and Wireless Networks

TX RX’s products targeting RF conditioning for telecommunications are essential for an ever-increasing variety of UHF and VHF wireless communications networks globally and throughout the USA.

Industry-Leading Innovations in RF Conditioning for Telecommunications

We are one of the few equipment and hardware manufacturers offering full RF conditioning for telecommunication services and solutions.

When you choose TX RX, you choose the RF professionals with specialized experience in Land Mobile Radio (LMR) communications. Our RF conditioning for telecommunications technology is frequently used by:

  • First responders
  • Public safety organizations
  • Military branches
  • Utility companies
  • Logistics providers
  • Transportation companies

How TX RX Revolutionizes RF and LMR Telecommunication Systems

Our RF system conditioning solutions maximize the benefits of digital and LTE (Long-Term Evolution) technology for your organization’s communication system. We achieve the best conditioning results by reducing noise and interference while increasing broadcasting range, quality, and more. Our team of specialized engineers and field technicians optimize:

  • Traditional RF systems
  • Digital, Broadband, and LTE-integrated systems
  • Trunked RF communication systems

TX RX Products for RF Conditioning for Telecommunications

We manufacture our equipment and products in the USA, surpassing all ISO 9001 regulations for quality oversight and assurance. Some of our most popular RF conditioning products for telecommunications include: Tower Top Amplifiers (TTAs)

Our high-performance TTAs for mission-critical systems boost the performance of base transceiver stations while improving system resilience. Our TTA design specifically reduces downtime thanks to the powerful microprocessors’ monitoring and auto-switch feature for reduced downtime in any environment.

Our selection of both VHF and UHF Cavity Duplexers allows different transmitters and receivers operating on different frequencies to broadcast through one antenna simultaneously. Designed for optimum noise and interference reduction, our team can select the appropriate duplexer based on your required frequency spacing

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