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Remote Monitoring

At TX RX, we are proud to lead the Land Mobile Radio

Remote Monitoring

At TX RX, we are proud to lead the Land Mobile Radio (LMR) market with the latest Radio Frequency (RF) conditioning products and LMR optimization services.

We offer high-performance antenna site monitor solutions, including the TX Antenna Power Monitor and RX Antenna Monitor models. TX RX manufactures every product with industrial-grade components customized for optimal operational performance across various scenarios.

TX Antenna Power Monitor

The TX Antenna Power Monitor functions as a state-of-the-art remote monitoring solution that monitors forward power, antenna return loss, temperature, and door alarms. TX Antenna Power Monitors are available as stand-alone units for easy installation. The model’s selective power monitor facilitates smooth integration into various filter and combiner types.

RX Antenna Monitor

Our RX Antenna Monitor assesses the return loss of predetermined frequencies and board and room temperatures. Installing the device with RX antennae provides frequency sweeps that offer time-sensitive measurements of signals.

RF Remote Monitioring

Why Partner with TX RX for Your Remote Monitoring Needs?

TX RX’s committed specialists have years of experience researching and developing the most efficient remote monitoring solutions. The site monitoring features of our advanced remote solutions enable you to conduct accurate loopback tests to ensure optimal system performance.

Our user-friendly remote monitoring models function compatibly with multiple channels. TX RX empowers your team to drive undisrupted data access from integrated web servers, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), and Syslog messaging systems.

Contact TX RX’s experts to discover leading remote monitoring solutions tailored to your sites and projects.
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