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Create Operation-Optimized RF Equipment

TX RX is an RF design & engineering specialist with 45+ years in the industry

Create Operation-Optimized RF Equipment with Our RF Design & Engineering Services

TX RX is an RF design & engineering specialist with 45+ years in the industry. As quality OEM suppliers to domestic and international enterprises, our team of experienced engineers can design and engineer RF components, products, and equipment unique to your specifications.

Common RF components and equipment we design include:

  • Sensitivity improvement products
  • Transmitter combining systems
  • RF filters
  • Isolators, couplers, and other RF components
  • RF monitoring equipment

Get the best RF design & engineering solutions for your enterprise with TX RX.

Tap into the Expertise of TX RX’s RF Design Team to Save Money and Deploy Sooner

TX RX’s RF design & engineering department contains one of the broadest ranges of talent and specializations in the RF and LMR industries.

Our RF engineering team consists of:

  • RF systems engineers
  • Mechanical design engineers
  • Software and firmware specialists
  • Filter specialists

The Heart of Our RF Design & Engineering Services: Process Engineering

Process engineering sits at the heart of our RF design & engineering service.

We create the most efficient systems for engineering from raw materials, allowing our team to streamline production with minimal waste and cost while saving time. This approach lets us quickly scale production up or down as you need.

Thanks to our engineers’ work, our customers save on capital expenditure while receiving RF products, components, and equipment faster.

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