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TX RX and Public Safety

Superior RF Communication Hardware and Services for Public Safety and First Responders

TX RX Systems and Public Safety

First responders and public safety personnel rely on resilient RF communication systems to maximize performance and coordination.

TX RX Systems manufactures and provides industry-leading RF communication hardware and services for public safety RF communication across variable terrain types and weather conditions with minimal interference.

Our mission is to ensure that your public safety RF communication systems work at peak performance, especially in exceptional circumstances.

All RF communication products and services from TX RX Systems maintain high standards based on over 50 years in the Land Mobile Radio (LMR) industry, surpassing ISO9001 regulations.

RF Optimization and Interference Mitigation for Public Safety Networks

TX RX offers a comprehensive range of public safety network products and services. All our RF products and services are customizable for superior integration into existing networks.

TX RX Public Safety RF Communication Products

Superior RF Communication Hardware and Services for Public Safety and First Responders

A public safety operation is only as good as the RF communication equipment at its disposal. Invest in the industry-leading hardware below for the best results.

Mini AutoQuad Tower Top Amplifier System

Our Top Tower Amplifier (TTA) systems increase the performance of your operation’s base transceiver station by increasing receiver sensitivity and improving receiver noise figures.

VHF T-Pass Expandable Transmitter Combiner

Combiners such as the T-Pass Expandable Transmitter Combiner allow multiple transmitters to use a single antenna while reducing interference and tower loading.

TX RX Public Safety Communication Services Critical for First Responders

Get the best repair technicians, training, hardware optimization, and more.

Quality RF Training

As manufacturers and service providers in the LMR industry, we are uniquely positioned to provide public safety and first responder personnel with the latest resources and training for using our equipment.

Interference Mitigation

Interference can lower the quality of your public safety RF network and compromise operations. We identify and mitigate interference sources to give you an optimized RF network.

Noise Analysis and Monitoring

Noise monitoring provides a thorough analysis of local noise levels in your RF environment before, during, or after the construction of your network.

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