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The Leader In RF & Monitoring Solutions

TX RX Systems has been an industry leader in the Land Mobile Radio market for over 45 years. Offering world-class quality & reliability. Proudly Designed, Engineered, and Built In The USA

About TX RX Systems

TX RX has been the industry leader in serving the Land Mobile Radio (LMR) market for almost 50 years. Our adoption of the ISO9001 standard is another visible demonstration of our commitment to excellence in our business operations, and a great mechanism to prepare the company for future growth.

RF Conditioning Services and Hardware Directly From the Leading Manufacturer

Our mission-critical RF conditioning products, services, and training resources have revolutionized the LMR industry since 1976. At TX RX, we specialize in supplying the latest RF conditioning and communication equipment to first responders, government entities, universities, distribution centers, and more.

The Leader in Every Area of VHF, UHF, 700MHz, 800MHz, and 900MHz LMR Communication

TX RX solves client communication problems by combining highly trained technicians with the market’s best American-made RF conditioning equipment.

We manufacture RF conditioning hardware customized to our customer’s communication requirements. As manufacturers and suppliers, TX RX invests in providing the latest RF and LMR training opportunities to clients across multiple markets.

Markets We Serve


TX RX's Industry-Leading Critical Communication Technologies

Sensitivity Improvement Products

The engineers of TX RX are the proud inventors of the Tower Top Amplifier (TTA), a technological breakthrough used throughout the RF industry. The TTA increases an RF system’s receiver sensitivity and receiver noise figure, bolstering tower performance and accuracy. 

RF Combining Systems

Another original TX RX invention is the T-Pass Expandable Transmitter Combiner. The T-Pass design features excellent intermodulation and transmitter noise suppression, low insertion loss, and easy expansion without system modification. 

High-Performance RF Filters

Our range of RF conditioning filters includes narrow-band filtersduplexers, and window filters. Each can be used independently or cascaded for superior reductions in noise and interference in your RF communications system.


Services for Every Level of Critical Communication Operations

RF Technical Services

We offer remote and on-site RF technical services for our products and any problems in your entire RF communication system.

Through interference mitigationnoise analysis and monitoring, spectrum analysis and monitoring, and more, TX RX can:

  • Expand network range and quality
  • Troubleshoot and reconfigure issues in existing equipment
  • Mitigate interference
  • Provide pre-and post-sale site evaluations
  • Provide remote assistance for interference and other issues

Warranty and Repair Services

All TX RX products come with a full 1-year warranty, and all of our repair services come with a 6-month warranty. We provide quick repair services on all RF conditioning products, regardless of the product’s warranty status. 

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