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TX RX’s Unique New Product Development Service for RF and LMR

As one of the only OEM-spec manufacturers and suppliers of RF products for the LMR market, TX RX’s new product development service for RF takes care of every step, from design to engineering and manufacturing. Not every RF hardware supplier can do this, but we know that quite often, it’s better to custom-build your equipment for the best results.

Why Our New Product Development Service for RF Surpasses Stock Products

Sometimes, the best RF component or product for your LMR communication network won’t be offered on the market.

Instead of settling for stock products that require alterations to your network, which can cause complications, you can contact TX RX to provide a unique, innovative solution.

Our new product development service for RF is appropriate for both old and new LMR systems. We can fashion existing components, such as isolators, filters, and combiners, with the appropriate dimensions and outputs for your organization’s physical and technological environment.

Or, we can identify a problem in your network that requires a unique solution, engineering a brand-new component in the process. As with all of our products, customer-developed products come with our standard 1-year warranty, with 6-month warranties on all repair work.

Our Culture of Innovation and Discovery Through Our New Product Development Service for RF

TX RX has almost always been a front-runner in innovation for the RF and LMR industries.

Since the 1970s, our engineers have created new designs and products such as the T-Pass Combiner, TTAs (Tower Top Amplifiers), and a complete host of RF duplexers, multicouplers, and much more. As soon as the patents on these products expired, they were rapidly adopted by competitors and companies throughout the industry, launching an entire technology market forward.

Our history in innovation is now being passed on to our customers to bring another age of technological innovation. The difference now is that our customers directly leverage our full in-house product development services and expertise in RF technology.

Setting the Standard in Manufacturing, Design, and for the Environment

All TX RX manufacturing and engineering processes surpass the regulatory standards set by ISO 9001 to ensure the quality of each product. All of our products are manufactured here in the USA.

We also adhere to European and Chinese Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) directives and work hard with customers and suppliers of materials to prevent materials sourced from war zones from entering our supply chain.

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