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RF Component and Part Manufacturing Services

TX RX is one of the leading OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) suppliers for American and international electronics companies.

RF Component and Part Manufacturing Services for RF Conditioning and Communications

TX RX is one of the leading OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) suppliers for American and International electronics companies.

Our RF part manufacturing services for RF conditioning and communications inject high-quality, American-made hardware into B2C markets worldwide. TX RX provides OEM-spec manufacturing services for government and municipal entities, educational institutions, public safety, private enterprises, and more.

TX RX is one of the leading OEM suppliers of RF components, serving international enterprises such as Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Manufacturers of RF Conditioning and Communication Parts: A Culture of Ingenuity and Innovation

Since our founding in 1976, the engineers at TX RX have made numerous innovations in the RF and LMR industries. Our inventions, such as the T-pass cavity filter, TTA (Tower Top Amplifier), and base station antennas, are now utilized industry-wide.

The TX RX culture of ingenuity and innovation continues to this day. It informs each stage of RF part manufacturing, from design and prototyping to customizing the manufacturing process.

Through ingenuity and innovation, we manufacture fully customized RF parts and components based on each customer’s product specifications.

All TX RX parts and manufacturing practices meet and surpass ISO 9001 regulations.

Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Manufacturers have a responsibility to people, the planet, and the environment. All TX RX manufacturing services and practices adhere to domestic and international environmental protection laws and regulations, including the Restriction of Hazardous Substance Directive (RoHS).

As an industry leader, TX RX goes beyond meeting regulatory controls by working with clients, partners, and customers to ensure each implements environmental sustainability practices. This includes analyzing supplier sources to guarantee that raw materials mined from war zones do not enter our production lines.

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