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TX RX – An Awakening in Angola



TX RX – An Awakening in Angola


Hello, my name is Tim Mattulke.  Recently I was fortunate enough to join a Western New York (WNY) hidden gem, called TX RX Systems, Inc.  Prior to joining the team, I knew TX RX as a WNY based facility, but what they do and who they are was not entirely clear.  Humor me while I take a few moments to share with you what I’ve learned about this trail-blazing company.

In 1976, two WNY based entrepreneurs Dan Kaegebein and Elliot Johnson embarked on a mission to support and improve the Land Mobile Radio (LMR) infrastructure in the US and around the globe.  For those of us outside the know, LMR is the system that supports critical communications for public safety such as fire, police, government and military secure infrastructure.  With this understanding, you can see the importance of guaranteeing that public safety communication networks work efficiently and reliably.  Dan and Elliot set out to improve and optimize critical communication and along the way invented and patented several items to support the critical safety network like the Tower Top Amplifier (the unit that increases receiver sensitivity, which then improves coverage), and the Bi-directional Amplifier (the unit that permits critical communication within buildings and parking ramps).  These are just a couple of examples of TX RX innovation that helped shape an entire industry and defined this small company in Angola, New York as an industry leader.  Not to mention, TX RX is also a leader in custom filtering, combining, design and support of LMR and in-building systems.

Now I want to share with you the recent changes at TX RX that make me excited to go to work every day!  Although TX RX is still the company that paved the way in much of the LMR market, changes in ownership and strategies over previous years had caused the company to lose tack of their true north and shift focus away from what makes TX RX stand apart.  So, to course-correct, we have embarked on a companywide waking-up program.  TX RX is again providing the services and products that we have been known and relied upon for in the LMR space. To date, all of our clients are VERY happy to see us back!

Not only are our clients happy, but these changes have created a revitalization and enthusiasm in our workplace — we’re having FUN!  The TX RX Family speaks openly about the fun, excitement and pride that they feel knowing we are a major player in the industry once again.

We invite you to visit our website at for more information on yet another company leading the way in a global marketplace that is engineered and built in the USA, right here in Western New York!

Thanks for reading!

Tim Mattulke

President and CEO

TX RX Systems, Inc.


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