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TX RX became the industry leader in RF Conditioning products through our technical expertise and ingenuity in design and implementation. Throughout the years, this has translated to breakthrough inventions, reliable communications, and the trust and respect of our customers in both Public Safety and Enterprise markets.

To better serve the RF engineering community, we are sharing the knowledge of RF theory and practice accumulated over 45+ years, in the form of whitepapers and technical video presentations. In addition, we provide webinars and in-person, hands-on training that can be tailored to each customer's needs.  Please contact us for more information.

White Papers

Technical Presentations

Combiner Basics

This three-part series covers the theory of TX Combining Systems, cavity filter building blocks used in TX RX combiners, and the different types of combiners.



Remote Monitoring

Customers maintaining radio systems are constantly challenged to decrease costs while increasing operational efficiency and end-user satisfaction. TX RX’s transmit antenna power monitor and receive antenna monitor are powerful tools to aid in this task.



Receive Sensitivity Improvement Basics

This three-part series covers receive system basics, tower top amplifiers (TTA’s), receiver multicouplers, and receive site system optimization.



LMR Site Equipment Overview

This three-part series covers the equipment needed at typical land mobile radio sites.





Field Services

This series covers the suite of field services offered by TX RX and how they can be used to build and maintain a successful network.




Antenna Basics

This series gives an introduction to antenna theory, practice, and engineering.


Business Process Overview

TX RX Webinars