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TX RX Remote Annunciator Panel

  • Works with any BDA/BBU with relay closures
  • Compact, attractive form-factor
  • Audible alert on the RA
  • Audible function can be disabled
  • Powered by 24 to 48VDC from BBU
  • Monitors for circuit faults between IU
    and RA


TX RX Remote Annuciator Panel comes equiped with a audible and visual annunciation of all 7 NFPA 1221 alarm conditions. It has alarm annunciation of each active element in the system can be monitored at the fire control room or wherever needed through a remote annunciator and via the alarm relay outputs on the TX RX BDA.

TX RX remote annunciators are compact and can be housed in a simple 2 gang electrical box and interconnected with a single standard CAT5 cable up to 650 feet away. This provides a compact and clean solution for monitoring the health of each active DAS system. HAving the optical and audible annunciation of alarms, allows first responders to have a clear indication of the DAS system performance as they enter the building.

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