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  • UHF: 450-512 MHz frequency range
  • Supports both digital and analog modulation including P25 phase 1 & 2
  • 37 dBm (5W) DL power & 27 dBm (1/2W) UL power (before mechanical filtering)
  • 85 dB +/-1.5 gain for UL and DL (before mechanical filtering)


The TX RX Systems UHF Class A/B BDAs is offered in 4-port simplex, duplex and
duplex dual window models with 5 watts and 85dB of gain. Class
A operation includes 16 filters per band with individual filter
bandwidths from 12.5KHz to 75KHz, and wideband operation of
up to 62MHz UHF.

All TX RX Systems UHF Class A/B BDAs include a full-featured, easy to use web GUI, factory
configurable filters, intelligent oscillation management, built-in
isolation test, NFPA/UL2524 alarm capabilities, built-in battery
backup circuitry, and a built-in communication link for an optional
remote annunciator panel.

TX RX UHF BDAs Can be designed & outfitted with custom filter packages to fit a majority of your filerting applications.

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