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How the TX RX Team is Helping Future Engineers

How the TX RX Team is Helping Future Engineers

With graduation season upon us, we wanted to shout out two of our Engineer’s for playing an important role in the SUNY Buffalo State University’s Electrical Engineering Department. Ken Pokigo, CTO for TX RX and Jim Grotke, Applications Engineer for TX RX both have seats on the Industrial Advisory Board and help serve as panelists to review the senior projects every year.

Every year the department solicits projects from the community to give the students real world experience. Sometimes those projects even come with a mentor to help with any questions and to guide them in the right direction.  Our very own Ken Pokigo was generous enough to lend his time this year to mentor one of the six groups with a project related to one of the products from our sister company Combilent.

He mentored the group on things like how to operate the device and advised on how to design and implement the enhancements that the group suggested. The same advice that they would have gotten on the job, and a wonderful way to teach the students what to expect from their future in the field. The team and Ken communicated throughout the year on everything to do with the project and he even helped by providing feedback on the presentation too.

Each team presented their findings that night to the entire Industrial Advisory Board, including Ken’s team. Both Ken and Jim (and the rest of the board) provided feedback for each team throughout the night. The teams were graded after the presentations by the faculty for their end of year grades. We are so very proud of the extra work that both Ken and Jim do to help build exceptional engineers in our community. Having programs and experiences like this can be incredibly helpful to students as they begin their journey into their new careers.

Congratulations to all the students presenting this year, we see very bright futures for you all!



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