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TX RX – Why Quality is Never a Cost

Hello again from Angola,

Well, you blink, and the leaves are changing again in Western New York – I guess time flies when you’re having fun!

I thought I would spend a few moments discussing the importance of Quality in the daily activities of TX RX.  The TX RX team works diligently to maintain our near-zero failure rates and has implemented several proactive approaches to reduce these numbers even further to protect our clients and our brand.

While we have always had the typical internal struggles over the “cost of quality”, we now focus on the “TRUE” cost of quality, which encompasses much more than simple financial consequences.  TX RX has begun to always err on the side of caution and commit more up-front resources to avoid far more costly issues when product is already in the field.  To this end, we have implemented several quality-based stage gates to help ensure that all products we release meet multiple layers of quality standards.  For example, along with 100% production testing, we have employed AQL based testing methodologies, multiple “in-situ” based testing approaches, and more rigorous quality goals and KPI’s.  These efforts have already proven to be beneficial to all TX RX stakeholders.

TX RX is synonymous with durable, American built products, many of which are still in operation over 45 years after installation! As we move forward, we will continually implement Quality-based stretch goals to help us maintain a leadership position in the marketplace. This will help us to continue to deliver products to the market that outlast the careers of many of the folks building them today.

In summary, the TX RX team strives to provide products that exceed our industries quality and performance metrics.  While this is a lofty goal, we feel it is only appropriate as the TX RX name is on every item.

Thanks again for reading and have a wonderful Fall season.

Tim Mattulke
President and CEO
TX RX Systems, Inc.


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