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TTAs are installed at the top of the tower, close to the antenna. They significantly improve coverage by balancing the uplinks and downlinks and eliminating cable losses. RMCs facilitate the coupling of multiple receivers to a single antenna, thus eliminating the need for dedicated antennas for each receiver.




TX RX Systems is the Preferred Supplier to major US OEMs for Receive Sensitivity Improvement products such as Tower Top Amplifiers (TTA) and Receive Multicouplers (RMC).

  • TX RX’s TTAs are high-performance, quadrature-coupled low-noise amplifiers (LNA) designed to increase the performance of a Base Transceiver Station (BTS) while ensuring reliable communications for critical Public Safety applications.
  • Quality manufactured, integrated filter and circuit boards, ensuring fewer points of failure and lower noise figures from fewer cables, components, and connectors.
  • Powerful Microprocessors continuously monitor amplifiers with auto-switch redundancy to ensure maximum uptime.
  • Ethernet-enabled base deck (AC or DC powered) controls all parameters of the system, with multiple real-time annunciation methods, include SNMP, Form C contacts, and visual indicators.
  • Available with a 16-Port Receive Multicoupler Unit, expandable as needed.
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