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T-pass Combiners

TX RX’s combining systems consist of a broad offering in the VHF, UHF 700/800 MHz and 900 MHz frequency bands. Tx combining systems allow multiple transmitters to share the same antenna, thus maximizing tower utilization, reducing tower loading, and reducing interference risk.


VHF T-Pass Combiners
UHF T- Pass Combiners
800 MHz T – Pass Combiners




TX RX is widely recognized for its technical expertise in providing highly customized Configure-To-Order system designs that overcome issues associated with challenging frequency plans.

  • In-depth intermodulation studies as well as Transmitter Noise and Receiver Desense calculations are conducted to design the system with the required isolation characteristics for the specific application and its unique environment.
  • The broadband architecture of the T-Pass ® circuit and coaxial cavities mitigates equipment obsolescence and facilitates ease of future system reconfiguration or expansion.
  • Each system is configured for optimum performance, ideal for applications with a minimal guard band between transmit and receive frequencies.
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