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The Rise of Digital Signal Processing in BDAs | TX RX

  Image credit: Pixabay The Rise of Digital Signal Processing in BDAs We reviewed a ton of products to give you the best choice, and bi-directional amplifiers (BDAs) came out on top. They are designed to improve cell phone signal strength and coverage inside buildings, making emergency communication systems more reliable. But have you ever

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Indoor vs Outdoor Applications | TX RX

  Image credit: Pixabay Indoor vs Outdoor Applications: What You Need to Know Radio frequency (RF) equipment is at the heart of modern life, from mobile internet and phone service to healthcare and public safety. Most of the time, these services just work, and we don’t even think about it. But if you take some

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TX RX – Why Quality is Never a Cost

Hello again from Angola, Well, you blink, and the leaves are changing again in Western New York – I guess time flies when you’re having fun! I thought I would spend a few moments discussing the importance of Quality in the daily activities of TX RX.  The TX RX team works diligently to maintain our

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Applications in Remote Industrial Settings | TX RX

The Benefits of Using Applications in Remote Industrial Settings In any enterprise or manufacturing organization, efficiency and accuracy are top priorities. It becomes more challenging to stay on top of production errors and equipment failures when businesses have remote locations. Remote industrial settings may make sense from a cost standpoint, but they also present unique

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Decoding RF Filters: From Bandpass Filters to Notch Systems

  Decoding RF Filters: From Bandpass Filters to Notch Systems Wireless technology surrounds us, enhancing our lives with constant communication and mobile data. This functionality and reliability are largely thanks to RF filters. RF filters are essential devices in radio communications. They work by filtering out noise and interference, improving signal clarity. Without RF filters,

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The Future of RF Security: Part 7 of Rick Moore’s Blog Series

No Skynet is not here, not yet… If you haven’t heard or seen the news lately, MGM Resorts in Las Vegas was attacked by a hacking group.    This group compromised many of MGM’s systems with a ransomware attack resulting in 52 million dollars in lost revenue and counting.  Why am I sharing this with all

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Optimizing Location for Maximum Efficiency | TX RX

  Image credit: Pixabay Optimizing Location for Maximum Efficiency Bi-directional amplifiers (BDAs or “signal boosters”) and a network of antennas help solve a wide variety of communications and connectivity issues. They can boost cellular and Wi-Fi signals, ensuring emergency communication systems work when needed. However, their locations must be optimized for maximum efficiency. No matter

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A Glimpse into Directional Couplers: From HF Units to High Power Systems

Directional Couplers: From HF Units to High Power Systems Directional couplers may seem like a minor component in RF systems, but their importance is enormous. They may be easy to overlook, but behind the scenes, directional couplers bring precision and reliability to RF communications. These small passive devices split, combine, or isolate RF signals, all

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First Responder Communication: Ensuring Clarity in Critical Moments | TX RX

Supporting Emergency First Responders Emergency first responders play a vital role in our society. They provide rapid and critical support during medical emergencies, accidents, natural disasters, and other public safety incidents. However, it’s important not to take their contributions for granted. In the background, there is essential technology like RF and monitoring solutions that support

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Extended Coverage Range | TX RX

Why Extended Coverage Range Matters Today We live in a time of unparalleled connectivity and communication. The wide availability and reliability of cell phones, mobile internet, GPS, and more are things we can take for granted. Not too long ago, the world was a very different place without these modern conveniences. Even when you do

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