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What’s your handle?: Part 2 of Rick Moore’s Deep Dive into LMR

What’s your handle? When I was on my first in-person interview at TX RX, I was asked what I knew about TX RX and the products we made.  Of course, being prepared for my interviews, I spouted off information from their web site, talked about the TTA’s, duplexers and other RF components. How they are

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The Advantages of Working with a USA-Based RF Manufacturer

The Advantages of Working with a US-Based RF Manufacturer (Source: Aaron Burden | Unsplash) Sourcing radio frequency components, equipment, and more from a USA-based RF manufacturer comes with many benefits for your organization and telecommunications network.  Because North America has the largest market globally for RF manufacturing, many of the world’s industry standards are set by North America,

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How the TX RX Team is Helping Future Engineers

How the TX RX Team is Helping Future Engineers With graduation season upon us, we wanted to shout out two of our Engineer’s for playing an important role in the SUNY Buffalo State University’s Electrical Engineering Department. Ken Pokigo, CTO for TX RX and Jim Grotke, Applications Engineer for TX RX both have seats on

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