Technical Presentations

Receive Sensitivity Improvement Basics

By the time RF signals reach your receive antenna, they have been attenuated by free-space path loss, terrain, and other obstructions and they have picked up noise along the way. The signal must then travel through the feedline, connectors, filters, and other components of the system, further attenuating the signal and possibly adding more noise. TX RX designs and manufactures products to improve receive sensitivity by mitigating these losses and improving the output signal to noise ratio so that the signal gets from the antenna to the receiver at an optimum level. This three-part series covers receive system basics, tower top amplifiers (TTA), receiver multicouplers, and receive site system optimization.

Receive Sensitivity Improvement Products Part I: TTA Systems



Receive Sensitivity Improvement Products Part II: Receive Multicouplers



Receive Sensitivity Improvement Products Part III: Receive Multicouplers