73-38-05 Series

Image of T-Pass 73-35A-01

73-38-05 Series

73-38-05 Series, 132-174 MHz, T-Pass® Combiners
Broadband architecture of the T-Pass® circuit and coaxial cavities mitigates equipment obsolescence and facilitates ease of system reconfiguration when re-banding is necessary. Each System configured for optimum performance. Ideal for applications with minimal guard band between transmit and receive frequencies.


  • 73-38-05-2B-nn
  • 73-38-05-2D-nn


  1. -nn in model number represents the number of channels.
  2. Consult factory on T-Pass multicouplers for frequencies below 174 MHz.
  3. Models available with 5W/60W loads. Same specifications as 25W and 100W models, except load power.
  4. -MC option reduces maximum number of channels to ten 10-inch or twelve 6.625-inch channels per rack.
  5. -LR systems are tuned and tested on customer frequencies, then disassembled for shipping.
  6. Rack depth with cavity tuning rods at maximum frequency. Rod travel is approximately 5.4” (137 mm).


73-38-05 Series Systems (10" Cavity Diameter)

Tx-Tx Separation Cavity LossMaximum Power
1 MHz-1.5 dB150 W
250 kHz-1.5 dB150 W
100 kHz-1.5 dB150 W
75 kHz-2.0 dB150 W
50 kHz-2.5 dB130 W


Loss (dB) vs. No. of channels

Tx-Tx Separation 2412
1 MHz-2.6-2.7-3.1
250 kHz-2.9-3.4 -4.0
100 kHz-3.0-3.7-4.5
75 kHz-3.5-4.2-5.0
50 kHz-4.1-5.0-6.1



Product Specifications 
Item No73-38-05 Series
Item Name132-174 MHz, T-Pass Combiner, 10" Cavity
Frequency Range132-174 MHz
Cavity Type and DiameterQuarterwave, 10” (254 mm)
Maximum Continuous Transmit PowerSee Model Matrix
Isolator Load Pwr Continuous73-38-05-2B-nn: 5 W/25 W [Note 3]
73-38-05-2D-nn: 5 W/100 W
Min Tx-Tx Separation at Cavity Loss125 kHz @ -1.5 dB
75 kHz @ -2.5 dB
Typical Tx-Tx Isolation at Min Separation
Typical Antenna - Tx Isolation
Typical Tx Noise SuppressionDepends on cavity loss
Impedance Ω50
Maximum Input Return Loss - VSWR-20 dB (1.22:1)
Temperature Range-30 to +60 °C
Connectors - Input and AntennaN
MountingPeg Rack®
Mounting OptionsMC:19” rackmount adapter plates, 17.5” high
LR: System supplied without Peg Rack® [Notes 4,5]
Maximum Channels - Rack12 [Note 4]
Dimensions79.5" (H) x 24" (W) x 26.9" (D) [Note 6]
(2019 x 610 x 937 mm)
Weight - Basic Single Channel73-38-05-2B-nn: 41 lbs. (18.6 kg)
73-38-05-2D-nn: 42 lbs. (19 kg)
Weight - Expansion Channel Assy73-38-05-2B-nn: 41 lbs. (18.6 kg)
73-38-05-2D-nn: 42 lbs. (19 kg)