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42-35A-02094-X, 118-137 MHz, Cavity Receive Multicoupler, 8" Cavity
High performance specifications with narrow adjacent channel spacing and low insertion loss. 5.8” Square Cavity or 8" Round Cavity with 19” rack mount configuration for space efficiency. Same length interconnect for ease of retuning and expansion in the field.

X at the end of model number indicates number of channels: 2-6 channels



Product Specifications 
Item No42-35A-02094-X
Item Name118-137 MHz, Cavity Receive Multicoupler, 8" Cavity
BandVHF Airband
Cavity Size8" (203 mm) dia.
Number of Cavities1
Cavity Tuning Range118-137 MHz
Minimum Channel Separation200 kHz
Cavity Insertion Loss0.9 dB
Insertion Loss2.0 dB, (When configured as a combiner or multicoupler)
Continuous Power per ChannelRx only (at minimum channel separation)
Rx only (at wider channel separation)