43-83G-01A Series

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43-83G-01A Series

43-83G-01A Series, 746-869 MHz, Multi-Channel Control Station Combiners provide frequency-agile operation across their entire frequency range. Control Station Combiners may be used to reduce the number of antennas required on a communications site while also ensuring that predictable radio-to-radio isolation is maintained at all times - irrespective of individual radio's Tx or Rx operating mode or antenna isolation characteristics.

Single antenna-port mobiles may be connected to these combiners to provide operation on two-antenna configurations (one Tx and one Rx), or through a duplexer to a single antenna (i.e. Tx/Rx). These capabilities can significantly reduce tower clutter and loading, and simplify cabling installation at Control Center facilities.

Models will support frequencies from 746 MHz to 869 MHz and are available in 4 channel increments from 4-32 channels.

  • Low Profile for Space Efficient Installation
  • Frequency Agile with Predictable Isolation
  • Analog and Digital Compatible
  • Duplexer and Triplexer Recommended to be used in conjunction with Control Station Combiners

43-83G-01A Series, Model Matrix 43-83G-01A Series, Model Matrix

Model NumbersDescriptionInsertion LossNet WeightHeight
43-83G-01A-04746-869 MHz, 4 Channel8 dB12.5 lbs1 RU
43-83G-01A-08746-869 MHz, 8 Channel11.5 dB24 lbs1 RU
43-83G-01A-12746-869 MHz, 12 Channel15 dB35.5 lbs3 RU
43-83G-01A-16746-869 MHz, 16 Channel15 dB47 lbs3 RU
43-83G-01A-20746-869 MHz, 20 Channel18.5 dB58.5 lbs4 RU
43-83G-01A-28746-869 MHz, 28 Channel18.5 dB81.5 lbs5 RU
43-83G-01A-32746-869 MHz, 32 Channel18.5 dB93 lbs5 RU


Standard Control Station Combiners Expansion Kits

Model NumbersDescription
43-83G-01A-08-KITUpgrade a 4 channel to an 8 channel system
43-83G-01A-12-KITUpgrade an 8 channel to a 12 channel system
43-83G-01A-16-KITUpgrade a 12 channel to a 16 channel system
43-83G-01A-20-KITUpgrade a 16 channel to a 20 channel system
43-83G-01A-24-KITUpgrade a 20 channel to a 24 channel system
43-83G-01A-28-KITUpgrade a 24 channel to a 28 channel system
43-83G-01A-32-KITUpgrade a 28 channel to a 32 channel system



Product Specifications 
Item No43-83G-01A Series
Item NameMulti-Channel Control Station Combiners
Frequency Range746-869 MHz
Temperature Rating-10 ~ +50 °C
Power RatingTx: Per Channel: 50 W (50% duty cycle max)*
Per Channel: <150 W (intermittent)
Rx: N/A
* Applications with higher duty cycles may require cooling fan. Contant factory for more info.
Minimum Frequency SeparationNo Limitations
IsolationTX: TX - TX: 60 dB min (70 dB typ.)
Ant - TX: 60 dB min (70 dB typ.)
RX: RX - RX: 60 dB min (70 dB typ.)
TX - TX: 60 dB min (70 dB typ.)
Return Loss>14 dB (typ.)
ConnectorsN Female
Dimensions H x W x DH - (See Model Martix)
W - 19" (483 mm)
D - 16.5" (420 mm)

Compatible Devices::

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762-776/792-806 MHz, Duplexer

Image of Duplexer


806-824/851-869 MHz, Duplexer

Image of Duplexer


762-776/792-824/851-869 MHz, Duplexer