Image of ceramic combiners

4 channel ceramic combiner with digital power monitor


CP01288, 935-941 MHz, Ceramic Combiner with DPM, AC

  • Base 4-channel combiner with integrated antenna power monitor, 2 channel or 4 channel expansions available
  • Compact, 6RU form for space efficiency
  • High performance, low insertion loss
  • Integrated power monitor shows forward & reflected power, antenna VSWR, heat sink temperature & generates alarms on high VSWR and high temperature



  • 2 channel expansion model number: CP02224
  • 4 channel expansion model number: CP02225





Combiner Specifications 
Frequency Range935-941 MHz
Minimum Freq Separation150 kHz
Maximum Continuous Transmit Power100 W/ channel
Insertion LossSee Insertion Loss Table
Tx-Tx Isolation >60 dB
Input Return Loss (VSWR)>20 dB (1.2:1)
Output Return Loss (VSWR)>10 dB (1.9:1)
Temperature Range-30° to 60° C
Dimensions, 4 ch (HWD)6RU x 19” x 14”
Dimensions, 2 ch (HWD)3RU x 19” x 14”
Input ConnectorsN
Output Connectors7-16
Weight, 4 ch50 lbs
Weight, 2 ch25 lbs


Power Monitor Specifications 
Power Supply Interfaces110V/230VAC
Integrated web-server
Inputs Temperature sensors
Functions and AlarmsCavity Tuning
Forward power (per cavity)
Reflected power (per cavity)
Antenna VSWR (per cavity)
FeaturesHeat sink temperature (3 pcs.)
Firmware update
Factory test data
Alarm OutputDry Contact Alarm


Insertion Loss

Number of channels/spacing150 kHz300 kHz400 kHz500 kHz1 MHz
4 channels3.4 dB3.0 dB2.9 dB2.8 dB2.7 dB
6 channels (4 + 2)3.7 dB3.2 dB3.1 dB3.0 dB2.8 dB
8 channels (4 + 4)4.2 dB3.4 dB3.1 dB3.0 dB2.8 dB
10 channels (4 + 4+ 2)4.5 dB3.6 dB3.3 dB3.2 dB3.0 dB