Integrated Receiver Multicouplers

TX RX’s line of integrated receiver multicouplers combine filtering, amplification, and signal splitting into one compact, simple unit. Each unit splits up to 8 frequencies and is easily expandable up to 32 ports. The system includes redundant low noise amplifiers, 12V DC backup connections, a pre-tuned, high selectivity bandpass preselector, a -30dB test port, and control and monitoring of gain via the front panel, Ethernet, and SNMP v2C interfaces. Alarms are generated on all interfaces and logged upon high internal temperature, high current in either amplification branch, out of range internal voltage, or communication errors. Ideal for predictable systems that don’t require much customization or for systems that require remote control and monitoring.


Item NoItem NameFrequency Range
CP05444UHF RMC Federal400-420 MHz
CP00946UHF RMC Single Passband450-470 MHz
CP00950UHF RMC Dual Passband450-470 MHz