86 Series Amplifier Kit

86 Series, Single to Dual Stage Amp Kits
TX RX continues to support its first generation of Receiver Multicoupler products with system expansion kits. These models employ single and dual stage preamplifiers with two and four channel power dividers in pyramid interconnection systems allowing us to support expansion from four to sixty-four channel capacity in four-channel increments.


86 Series, Single to Dual Stage Amp Kits

Model NumberFrequency Range Tuned Sub-Band
86-38-12-E 132-174 MHz20 MHz
86-67-12-E406-512 MHz60 MHz
86-85-11-E800-1000 MHz800-900 or 900-1000 MHz

Product Specifications 
Item No86 Series
Item NameSingle to Dual Stage Amp Kits