42-86A Series

42-86A Series

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42-86A Series, 806-824 MHz, Multicoupling Amplifier System Redundant amplifier circuitry using quadrature-coupled amplifiers for reliability. Configured with sixteen output ports. LCD meter indicates amplifier current. Amplifier current-alarm warns of operational faults with a panel mounted LED and Form C contacts available through rear-mounted screw terminals. Front panel Test Port for RF signal injection or monitoring. Reserve gain setting pads (3 & 6 dB) installed on the receiver multicoupler chassis. Ten-pole folded combline preselector on separate chassis included. Operation on 85-264 VAC with automatic reverting to a backup 24 VDC source upon loss of AC.


42-86A Series Multicoupling Amplifier System

Model NumberProduct Description
DDF1000A16-Port, 806-824 MHz
42-86A-02-4816-Port, 48V, 806-824 MHz
42-86A-06150-A4-Port, 806-824 MHz

* All specifications are typical unless otherwise noted.
** Operation at 12 VDC possible with minor performance degradation.


Datasheet (PDF)

Product Specifications 
Item No42-86A Series
Item Name806-824 MHz, Multicoupling Amplifier System
Frequency Range806-824 MHz
Power Requirements85-264 VAC @ 47-63 Hz
48 VDC @ 400 mA max
22-26 VDC @ 600 mA max
ConnectorsN-Type (F), Feedline/ BNC (F), Outputs and Test Port
Dimensions H x W x D5.25” x 19” x 14” (134 x 483 x 356 mm)
Muticoupler Net Gain17 dB typ., 13 dB min.
Pre-AmplifierType: Two-stage, Quadrature-Coupled
Noise Figure: 0.8 dB max.
1 dB Compression Point: 27.5 dBm
3rd Order Input IP: 10 dBm
3rd Order Output IP: 39 dBm
Gain: 29 dB min
PreselectorType: Separate deck, 10 Pole combline
Loss: 1.0 dB
Impedance Ω50
Operating Temperature0 to +50°C
EnclosureStandard EIA 19" Rack Mount
Alarm and Warning ContactsTwo Form C contacts provided
Net Weight18 lbs (8.2 kg)