42-83A-01 Series

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42-83A-01 Series, 746-901 MHz, Receiver Multicouplers provide unequaled performance in a 1-rack unit (1-3/4 inch) space-saving package. The high performance LNA ’s exhibit a very low noise figure while providing a (100% measured) 3rd order output intercept point in excess of +40 dBm. The multicouplers are designed with a minimum excess gain of 10 dB which gives maximum sensitivity in rural applications. All the units are designed for ease of expansion, with no change in system gain in most cases. Three basic models cover the most popular applications from 118 - 901 MHz.

Consult our comprehensive RF component and accessories catalog for Receiver Multicoupler Systems components such as LNA’s and power dividers for special needs you may have.

  • Space-saving, 19” 1 RU rack mount design
  • Designed and manufactured high-performance LNA
  • Auto-Ranging AC Power, 85-264 VAC 50/60 Hz / 22-30 VDC


42-83A-01 Series Receiver Multicoupler

Model NumberNumber of Channels System Gain (Max.) *Connectors (In/Out)
42-83A-01-04N422 dB N / N
42-83A-01-08N819 dBN / N
42-83A-01-12N1216 dBN / N
42-83A-01-08819 dBN / BNC
42-83A-011616 dBN / BNC

* Attenuator pads are provided to reduce system gain for performance optimization.


Product Specifications 
Item No42-83A-01 Series
Item Name746-901 MHz, Receiver Multicoupler
Channel CapacitySee Model Matrix above
Tuned Bandwidth746-901 MHz
System GainSee Model Matrix above
Preamp Noise Figure0.8 dB
Preamp 3rd Order Intercept Point39 dBm
Power Requirements85-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz
DC Backup22-30 Volts
ConnectorsSee Model Matrix above
Dimensions H x W x D1.75" x 19" x 14" (44.5 x 482.6 x 355.6 mm)
Temperature Range0 - 50°C

Compatible Devices:


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