42 Series Receive Multicouplers

TX RX’s new generation of broadband receiver multicouplers provide unequalled performance in a 1-rack unit (1 3/4 inch) space-saving package. The high performance LNA's typically exhibit a noise figure of only 1 dB while providing a (100% measured) 3rd order output intercept point in excess of 40 dBm. The multicouplers are designed with a minimum excess gain of 10 dB which gives maximum sensitivity in rural applications. All the units are designed for ease of expansion, with no change in system gain in most cases. Combline preselectors are available for all common applications in the 700/800/900 MHz bands.


Item NoItem Name
42-33-01 Series118-174 MHz, Receiver Multicouplers
42-57D-05 Series380-512 MHz, Receiver Multicouplers
42-83A-01 Series746-901 MHz, Receiver Multicoupler
42-86A Series806-824 MHz, Multicoupling Amplifier System