81 Series

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81 Series


TX RX manufactures 81 Series, Intermodulation Suppression Panels that incorporate an isolator with a high power load and a second harmonic filter on a 19” rack-mount shelf assembly. These are typically used to add an isolator to a transmitter or repeater connected to its own antenna. Although the unit itself is only 2 rack-units high (3.5”), care must be taken to budget enough space above the unit to provide adequate ventilation for the load’s heatsink.

81 Series, Intermodulation Suppression Panels

Model NumberFrequencyNumber of Isolators RF Loads Power Rating (W)
81-37-95149-1D144-174 MHz1100
81-37-95149-2D144-174 MHz25/100
81-66-95149-2C442-450 MHz25/60
81-70-95149-2C450-470 MHz 25/60
81-70-95149-2D450-470 MHz 25/100
81-87A-95149-1D851-869 MHz 1100
81-87A-95149-2D851-869 MHz 25/100


Product Specifications 
Item No81 Series
Item NameIntermodulation Suppression Panels