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80-05-14, 30-180 MHz / 330-520 MHz/ 746 MHz-1.3 GHz Multiband Coupler
TXRX System brand Multiband Coupler allows multiband operation of tower transmission lines.


Many bands on site with frequencies from VHF to 1.3 GHzMultiband coupler allows operation in multiple bands which reduces cost and tower loading.Sites where operation must occur from VHF to 1.3 GHz where a reduction of tower transmission lines is desirable

A solution to providing multiple antennas for the Multiband Control Station Combiner
Cost Savings Reduces number of transmission lines, reduces rigging costs, reduces possible rooftop loading on small rooftop structures and the amount of space used in cable risers and buildings.
Requires isolation between bandsCoupler guarantees out of band isolation
Limited Installation timeOnly one component to install especially if work needs to be done after hours





Product Specifications 
Item No80-05-14
Item NameMultiband Coupler
Frequency Range30-180 MHz
330-520 MHz
746 MHz - 1.3 GHz
Insertion Loss30-180 MHz 1 dB max.
330-520 MHz 1.2 dB max.
746 MHz - 1.3 GHz 1.2 dB max.
IsolationSub-band Port-Port: >40 dB
Return LossT-R Port: >14 dB
ANT Port: >14 dB
Power30 watts max continuous
Temperature30 to +60 °C
RF ConnectorsN (Female)
EnvironmentalIP67 Subject to sealing of connectors terminations
MountingSuitable for Wall or Cable Tray Mount (Contact factory for additional mounting options)
EnclosureInternational Rating IP67 NEMA Rating 6
Dimensions(Note: Not including connectors or brackets)
5.6 x 3.3 x 1.3 in
143.5 x 85.0 x 32.0 mm
Weight1.1 lbs (.5 kgs)

Compatible Devices:

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43-05-01A Series
100-1000 MHz, Multiband Short-Haul Control Station Combiner