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84-01-11, 25-512 MHz, Power Divider
Power dividers are grouped into Hybrid/Wilkensen and Stripline/coaxial designs. Hybrid designs are characterized by port-to-port isolation of 20 dB or more and are typically used in receiver multicoupler or low power signal booster applications. Stripline splitters have no port-to-port isolation and are most typically used to feed transmitter power to multiple antennas for phased arrays or similar applications. The models below are characterized by low-loss above the splitting loss and wide bandwidths. N connectors are standard.

  • Can cover VHF and UHF, or 800-900 MHz bands.
  • Two Types of construction for different types of applications.





Product Specifications 
Item No84-01-11
Item Name25-512 MHz, Power Divider
Frequency Range25-512 MHz
Number of Outputs - X-way splitter2
Power Rating - InputRx only
Insertion Loss-3.2 dB
Ratio of Output-Input50%
ConnectorsN (M)