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28-97-01A, 1215-1300 MHz, Duplexer

  • TX RX Systems offers a wide variety of Duplexer options to suit your application, including Vari-Notch®, Bandpass, and notch type circuits
  • Vari-Notch® design provides low loss and high isolation in a compact package
  • All high RF-current components silver-plated for highest performance
  • Various models to choose from to match your application.


Specifications for duplexers of unsymmetrical construction or response are listed as follows:

  • Isolation: Noise Suppression/Carrier Suppression
  • Insertion Loss: Tx Loss/Rx Loss


Where do TXRX systems products come in?
D-star systems are being configured all over the world. Sites may be comprised of VHF, UHF, 1.2 GHz or a complete system including all bands. TXRX offers various products to handle the signal management issues for these repeater site installations.

Duplexers for 28-37-02A (VHF), 28-66-02A (UHF) and 28-97-01A (1.2 GHz) as well as the new 36-97-07053-A, 1.2 GHz Triplexer which allows the use of a single 1.2 GHz antenna for the Tx, Rx, and a high-speed Data channels.

For sites in need of using only a single feedline for VHF/UHF, TX RX Systems manufactures Crossband Coupler models 80-05-06 and 80-05-07 handling up to 250W per band.


Duplexer Problems and Remedies

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Product Specifications 
Item No28-97-01A
Item Name1215-1300 MHz, Duplexer
Frequency Range1215-1300 MHz
Minimum Freq Separation12 MHz
Power Rating125 W
Isolation100 dB
Insertion Loss1.0 dB
Number of Cavities4
Cavity Size4" Dia.
Impedance Ω50
Dimensions H x W x D5.25" x 19" x +3 -6.5"
Tx-Rx Port ConnectorsN
Antenna ConnectorsN
Temperature Range-30 to +60 °C
Shipping Weight13 lbs.

Compatible Devices:

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