76 Series, Loop Kits

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Cavity Filter Loop Kits


76 Series, Cavity Filter Loop Kits allow the same cavity shells to be configured for different responses in order to suit different application needs.

The Bandpass cavity passes one narrow band of frequencies and attenuates all others with increasing attenuation above and below the pass frequency. It is equivalent to a parallel-tuned circuit and is most often used for general transmitter spurious clean-up or a sharpening of a single receiver front end selectivity with or without amplification. TX RX bandpass cavities (4", 6" and 10") have adjustable selectivity characteristics (rotatable loops) to allow a trade-off between insertion loss (0.5--3.0 dB) and selectivity. Maximum power handling is typically determined by insertion loss setting

T-Pass® is a variation of the Bandpass cavity used for our expandable multicoupler applications. Its general characteristics are nearly identical to a bandpass cavity but the output loop has a pair of N-connectors so it can easily be coupled to other channels.

The Series-Notch® passes a relatively wide band of frequencies while rejecting a very narrow band of frequencies. It is equivalent to a series-tuned circuit. Notch depth is variable from 15 - 25 dB. Pass and notch frequencies must be known so that the optimum loop assembly can be used. This is the best filter for very close separations (200 KHz to 400 KHz) in UHF applications.

The Vari-Notch® design passes a relatively narrow band of frequencies and rejects (notches out) a relatively wide frequency band. Equivalent to a combination series-tuned and parallel-tuned circuit, this filter has a greater notch depth than the Series- Notch® design. The notch depth is adjustable but varies with passband insertion loss (0.3dB or 0.6dB typical) and the difference between pass and notch frequencies. Vari-Notch® is ideal for moderately close to wide separations (400 KHz and greater) in UHF applications.

Cascading Filters
All cavity types mentioned above may be cascaded to achieve an arithmetic sum of individual filter attenuation. Up to 6 dB of additional attenuation can be achieved when the proper length of cable is used to interconnect the cavities. (This additional 6 dB does not occur in the filter passband but only at frequencies where moderate to high attenuation occurs.) A TX RX system specialist can assist you in ordering the proper length of interconnecting cable for your frequencies.

76 Series Loop Kits

Kit Number Frequency Range Type
76-28-01Cavity Filter Loop KitsBandpass
76-28-0266-88 MHz Vari-Notch Low Pass
76-28-0366-88 MHz Vari-Notch High Pass
76-28-0466-88 MHz Series-Notch Low Pass
76-28-0566-88 MHz Series-Notch High Pass
76-28-0866-88 MHz T-Pass
76-28-0966-88 MHz Bandpass
76-29-01 88-108 MHz Bandpass
76-29-04 88-108 MHz Series-Notch Low Pass
76-29-05 88-108 MHz Series-Notch High Pass
76-35-01 108-136 MHz Bandpass
76-35-02 108-136 MHz Vari-Notch Low Pass
76-35-03 108-136 MHz Vari-Notch High Pass
76-35-04 108-136 MHz Series-Notch Low Pass
76-35-05 108-136 MHz Series-Notch High Pass
76-35-07 108-136 MHz T-Pass
76-36-03 132-150 MHz Vari-Notch Low Pass
76-36-04 132-150 MHz Vari-Notch High Pass
76-36-05 132-150 MHz Series-Notch Low Pass
76-36-06 132-150 MHz Series-Notch High Pass
76-37-01 144-174 MHz Bandpass
76-37-03 144-174 MHz Vari-Notch Low Pass
76-37-04 144-174 MHz Vari-Notch High Pass
76-37-05 144-174 MHz Series-Notch Low Pass
76-37-06 144-174 MHz Series-Notch High Pass
76-38-01 132-174 MHz T-Pass
76-38-02 132-174 MHz Bandpass
76-38-03 132-174 MHz Vari-Notch Low Pass
76-38-04 132-174 MHz Vari-Notch High Pass
76-38-05132-174 MHz Series-Notch Low Pass
76-38-06 132-174 MHz Series-Notch High Pass
76-38-07 132-174 MHz T-Pass
76-38-08 132-174 MHz Bandpass
76-54-02 220-300 MHz Vari-Notch Low Pass
76-54-03220-300 MHz Vari-Notch High Pass
76-55-02 300-400 MHz Vari-Notch Low Pass
76-55-03 300-400 MHz Vari-Notch High Pass
76-67-01 406-512 MHz T-Pass
76-67-02 406-512 MHz Bandpass
76-67-03406-512 MHz Vari-Notch
76-67-04 406-512 MHz Series-Notch Low Pass
76-67-05 406-512 MHz Series-Notch High Pass
76-67-06 406-512 MHz T-Pass
76-67-07 406-512 MHz Bandpass
76-70-01 450-470 MHz Bandpass
76-70-03 450-470 MHz Vari-Notch
76-70-05 450-470 MHz Series-Notch High Pass
76-90-01 806-960 MHz Bandpass
76-90-03 806-960 MHz T-Pass


Product Specifications 
Item No76 Series, Loop Kits
Item NameCavity Filter Loop Kits
TypeBandpass, Vari-Notch, Series-Notch and T-Pass Loops

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