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101-83B-09-0-03, 746-869 MHz, Omni-Directional Broadband RF Antenna
This series of high-powered antennas is designed to complement our wide bandwidth multicoupling systems covering the frequency range of 746-896 MHz. Through a true corporate feed design, equal in-phase power is distributed to each radiating element. This method insures excellent vertical pattern control and shaping, low loss, and beam-tilt that does not vary over the operating bandwidth of the antenna.

This patented design was achieved through the use of a 5-chamber extrusion which acts as the central core of the antenna and provides a low impedance direct ground for lightning protection. The rugged fiberglass radome and its interface to the mounting tube have survived extensive wind-tunnel testing at wind velocities exceeding category 5 hurricane forces. Antenna data files are available in TIA-IS-804 format for inclusion in popular commercial propagation analysis programs.



Datasheet (PDF)


Product Specifications 
Item No101-83B-09-0-03
Item Name746-869 MHz, Omni-Directional Broadband Antenna
Frequency Range746-869 MHz
Bandwidth123 MHz
Gain - dBd9
Add INV to Downtilt Designator for Inverted Mount Model (e.g. 101-83B-09INV-0)
E-Plane--Vertical Beamwidth10° ± 1°
Impedance Ω50
Power Rating1000 W (DIN)
500 W (N)
PIM Rating-120 dBc
Lightning ProtectionDirect Ground
Standard Termination--Connector7/16 DIN
N Connector - Add suffix "N" to model number for the N Connector (e.g. 101-83B-09-0N)
Total Length10'
Radome Diameter3.57"
Support Pipe--Mounting Area4" diameter
Weight45 lbs.
Equivalent Flat-Plate Area2.0 sq.' (without ice)
2.56 sq.' (with 0.5" radial ice)
Rated Wind Velocity225 mph (without ice)
200 mph (with 0.5" radial ice)